Fire Extinguishers are US is a family owned business providing Fire Extinguisher Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance at your home or business. We became unhappy with our previous printer due to copy errors, missed deadlines, and broken promises. After vetting a few different printers, we needed to make a decision quickly because we were running low on some of our operational printing needs. Frankly, we chose J and L Printing because Leslie was standing right there in front of us. Let me tell you, did we ever get lucky. We are just delighted at what a great partnership this has become. We have only been using J and L Printing for a few short months and so far, they have been flawless. There have been no missed deadlines, no printing errors, and no broken promises. Furthermore, J & L Printing has made us feel like we are part of their family. They are such a pleasure to work with, we are always recommending them to family, and business associates alike. So thanks for all your help and professionalism. We cannot wait to utilize your promotional items and clever ideas in promoting and branding our company like never before. Sincerely, Roger Davies Fire Extinguishers are US

  • Roger Davies
  • Fire Extinguishers are US
  • Jul 07, 2021

Spavin’s Logistics is just one of a thousand logistics companies based in Southern California. The need to stand out from the crowd and be remembered, is primary to the survival and growth of our business (The competition is fierce). This presents a significant challenge in finding ways we can creatively set ourselves apart from our competition and stay within our advertising budget. Our solution has been J & L Printing. From golf shirts with our logo bold and proud, that our work crews wear to button down long sleeved dress shirts that the managers and our lead personnel wear, makes it easy for our clients to recognize who the boss is. And of course the standard “leave behinds”, pens and note pads keeps our name in front of the decision makers much of the time. Then at the end of the contract, the premium gift has been our way of saying Thank You, we appreciate your business. This premium gift is always changing and we have several different levels of premium gifts depending on the contract amount. This sets us far apart from the competition at a surprisingly low cost and high value. Thank you so much Leslie and J & L Printing…we could not have done this without you. Lloyd Spavins Spavins Logistics

  • Lloyd Spavins
  • Spavins Logistics
  • Apr 05, 2021

Ultimar Inc has used J & L for many years. We get all of our Promotional items for trade shows and customer give always through Leslie. She is also the best source to provide all of our companies Marketing Brochures, warranties, accessory items! She is the most customer service driven and friendly company we have had the pleasure of dealing with. She always meets our time lines and assists us with staying in our budget. Its a pleasure to do business with her!

  • Joy Eastwood
  • Ultimar Inc
  • Feb 08, 2021

I love working with J&L. Leslie is a joy to work with! We have been working with J&L since it first started and have never been disappointed. Leslie makes the impossible, possible. There have been many times when I need a brochure, banner or a catalog last minute and I don't think we will make the deadline, but Leslie makes me look like a hero at my company because she gets it done in time. This is a very straightforward company, they don't just tell us what we want to hear, we have crazy ideas sometimes and they will tell us if it's feasible. Leslie is always presenting us with the latest and greatest items available; from new promotional items to new techniques in making our literature pop. I look forward to working with J&L for many more years and watching them keep growing as a company.

  • Mayra
  • Granitize Products Inc
  • Jan 10, 2021
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